Angie Kardashian

Who is American Angie?

265531_10150236858598848_7006433_oFor 18 years Angie Kardashian was a recognized pillar of her community and fed US Marines for free at her successful California restaurant. The Pentagon gave her a medal, the highest civilian honor given, a mere month before 9/11 and in the same wing that was destroyed in the attack. That 1400811_10151716582868848_810567161_oweek she also toured the World Trade Center towers.

In the aftermath of the disaster, she felt compelled to do what she could as an American. Angie sold her restaurant, 977564_10151446651378848_508947133_omoved to New York, cooked meals at her own expense for two years to feed thousands of firefighters in more than 100 firehouses. Until her money ran out.

She has since become one of the most popular and recognized JetBlue flight attendants and a vigorous volunteer with Red Cross disaster teams, the Special Olympics and more.

An incredibly magnetic person, she embodies a life of selflessness413660_10150913040783848_1007148434_o as evidenced by more than 10,000 personal contacts and speaks around the country to keep the memories of firefighters alive and promote the concept of individuals making a difference or “The Power of One”. Her website http://www.acalltoserve.

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